The Comedogenic Scale?

The Comedogenic Scale?

In our first blog, we have listed the various benefits provided by our high quality beard oil formula.  Now let's dig deeper into what is called the Comedogenic Scale.

In short, the comedogenic scale is a number given to a specific ingredient used in cosmetic products, in our case oils, that have the potential to clog pores.  This is extremely important to anyone who is prone to acne or blackhead breakouts because you want to avoid oils with a comedogenic rating of 3 or higher.

The scale uses a numbering scheme from 0 to 5:
0 - Does not clog pores
1 - Unlikely to clog pores
2 - Unlikely to moderate
3 - Moderate
4 - Moderate to High
5 - High chance to clog pores.

Rest assured, at Level 120 we do NOT use any oils with a comedogenic rating higher then 3!  Let's check out the comedogenic rating for our formula:

Hemp Seed Oil - 0
Jojoba Oil - 2
Grape Seed Oil - 1
Argan Oil - 0
Rosehip Oil - 1
MCT Oil (palm | contains NO lauric acid) - 2*
Sweet Almond Oil - 2
Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 0

* no definite source available estimated range available.

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